Futuristic House In Athens, Greece

This other house has a square format that gives it a futuristic appeal that makes it stand out from the rest of the homes that have more traditional designs. Built-in generous proportions, it uses neutral colors and contemporary plan to make the most of its space.
Dupli Casa / J. Mayer H. Architects
This black and white marvel can be defined as a super elegant home. Curved contours and sizeable rectangular glass columns offer a fascinating presentation. It seems to emerge like a phoenix from the gardens everywhere.
Private Home
This house stands out for having a warm and majestic space created with textured wallpaper. It has abstract elements that offer good lighting, creating a rustic but contemporary atmosphere.
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Wood and white bathroom combination
The use of white and wood gives this bathroom a charming but vibrant aesthetic. The subtle white in the background draws attention to the organic wooded panels in space. The abundant natural light adds a refreshing touch.
Joseph Walsh Futuristic furniture design
When furniture design becomes an obsession with the designer, it leads to a creation that is extraordinary and extends beyond the realms of reality. The furniture is carved in wood molded in abstract shapes and used in different configurations.

Zaha Hadid Interior Museum In Miami

Designer Zaha Hadid’s printing is visible in all aspects of the Miami skyscraper called One Thousand Museum. The interiors, as well as the exteriors, are an appropriate display of the brilliance of the design, cast in steel and glass to present a universally attractive structure.