The Work Step By Step

The key to this exciting and straightforward domestic DIY project is to assemble the tubes with the pieces of brass in the shape of T. These will be the ones that join the different parts of the DIY shelving.
For this, you will have to take measurements and pointing out the points where you will have to place these pieces so that both sides of the part of furniture remain at the same level.
When you have both sides assembled, it is time to fix them to the wall. Start by holding one of them, with the appropriate plugs and screws depending on the weight that will support the shelves. In any case, it is not a shelf to place cumbersome things.

Once placed one of the sides, take measurements with the meter and level to fix the other. Then you only have to put the shelves on the slats (you can adjust them beautiful nails of the appropriate size). You already have it!
As you may have noticed, this DIY bookcase is graceful and elegant. Because of the combination of colors that it shows, it reminds us a bit of the mid-century modern style.
Although you always have the option to customize the design to your liking. How about you use copper tubes? Or tubes and pieces of the iron assembly to get more industrial air. You have before you a whole world of possibilities to explore. Ahead!

9 Of The Best Futuristic And Interior Houses
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The world is full of unusual dwellings capable of leaving more than one person open-mouthed. It is only necessary to search the network to find a comprehensive list of examples. If you are one of those who likes to see this, today we want to leave you a list of some of the best futuristic houses built. Houses that stand out for innovative design and for having an original decoration. Keep reading to know them better.

Futuristic Villa In Miami
This futuristic villa is a fusion of elegant symmetry and curved forms presented as an exemplary work of glass and wood. The prominent vertical peak makes it look like a boat, while the minimalist home seems to float on the water.
Beverley Hills Residence
The exterior facade of this house has an unmatched, minimalist and elegant geometric design. The interaction of glass, concrete and metallic elements give it a majestic appearance. It offers an excellent view of the landscape that surrounds this house!
Futuristic Baths
The most striking aspect of this futuristic bathroom is the perfect connection between all the elements. The design shows a geometric behavior with gently curved contours with a horizontal orientation. It impresses with its ultramodern style and elegant beauty.