Make Yourself A DIY Bookcase In White And Brass And Decorate Your House

Maintaining order is essential in any space in the home. But doing it with grace and style is a plus that you will love. And you can achieve it with good ideas like the one we present today. A DIY bookcase made merely with iron tubes painted white. Do not you think it’s great?

Diy Bookshelf Does Not Tire Of Repeating It, But It Is A Truth As A Temple:

Order is an essential requirement to have a well-decorated house. That’s why you need to get some good ideas to help you keep your home tidy. Like this curious DIY bookcase that cannot be easier to manufacture.

No choice, If space is messy, full of things that roll everywhere without meaning, with everything in between and nothing in its place, it is impossible that it can be minimally cozy. Once you have convinced yourself of this, everything can change, including your room.

When you have internalized the words keep order and resonate in your head like a mantra, then you will be ready to decorate any space, large or small, of your house.

And when it comes to configuring interior design, you will look for resources to order. Like this beautiful DIY bookcase that you can make yourself almost effortlessly. We tell you to step by step.

A DIY Bookcase To Decorate In White And Brass
This combination of white color with the faint glow of brass seems to me of the most special. It’s small and functional (although you can make it the size you prefer), perfect to fill that empty corner and put a touch of style. And, also, it will help you to organize those small things that are always scattered everywhere.

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Do you dare to do it yourself? Well, start by looking for the materials you need. It will be a straightforward task.
You will be surprised to discover how easy it will be for you to assemble the materials necessary to make this DIY shelving so decorative. In fact, if you are a DIY enthusiast and like to do carpentry projects, you may have some of the things you need in your workshop.
To begin with, you will need wooden slats with a round section painted white. Two of 85 cm in length (or the size you prefer depending on how high you want the bookshelf). You will also need six strips more than about 25 cm, and another six strips of 30 cm that will determine the bottom of the shelf. Also look for six shelves of white wood of 60 x 30 cm., six pieces of brass in the shape of T that are used to assemble pipes, four gold finials, 6 round decks painted white to fix the pipes to the wall, tacos and screws.